Who We Are

Lions Auto Services East Africa Limited

Lions Auto is a well established private limited company, and operates in the automotive and the security industry. With over seven (7) solid years experience, its directors and staff are in every way capable to deliver our customers with unparalleled vehicle security and Telematics services throughout the region.Lions Auto Vehicle Tracking

Our strength is in Vehicle Tracking, Complex Fleet management solutions, Vehicle alarm systems installation and in Fuel Monitoring and reporting.

Our fleet Management package is a professional solution for companies wishing to control their fleets: road transportation companies, overnight courier services, logistics and distribution companies, companies with sales teams and field services, companies with construction machinery and vehicle renting companies, school buses, taxis, among others.

Operating in the vehicle tracking (Telematics) industry, Lions Auto is well positioned to offer intelligent and affordable real time tracking and fleet management services to vehicle owners and fleet managers.

We pride ourselves in the quality of both our products and services, guaranteeing our customers of efficiency and stable performance.

We understand the varying needs of our customers and thus our tracking services are tailor made and exclusive to every client.

At Lions Auto Services E.A Ltd, we are intrinsically dedicated to the safety and the security of our customers’ vehicles and hence, we so believe, if a vehicle isn’t installed with our intelligent tracking units then it’s never secure!

Our vision

To become the premier provider of intelligent vehicle tracking and fleet management services in East Africa

Our Mission

-To provide 24Hr satellite surveillance to motor vehicles and assets in East Africa.

-To improve livelihoods.

Our Business Objectives

-To continue offering quality services and products with dedicated after sales support

-To be a premier in the provisioning of GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management services in East Africa

-To be widely accepted and recognized as a super brand in the Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management industry.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Centrism

We put our valuable customers at the center of any product development strategies, customer services polices and decision making processes.

  • Service Excellence

We strive to offer pro services to our customers by using our energy, skills and resources to deliver the best, sustainable customer service.

  • Diligence

We at Lions Auto will always observe due diligence and care in sourcing of the vehicle tracking units and alarm systems from our global partners, to ensure that they meet stringent quality standards.

  • Integrity

We act fairly, ethically and overtly in our dealings and interactions with both our customers and stakeholders

  • Support

Our customer care team is dedicated in offering timely technical support and assistance to our customers and stakeholders on any given issue in the telematics industry.

Lions Auto products and services

Lions Auto

We have a wealth of experience in commercial vehicle tracking and fleet management. This coupled with our reduced affordable prices will give you the benefits of great customer service and a huge saving on the total costs compared to other companies.

Use our fuel monitoring service to say goodbye to fuel theft, prevent sideline businesses and manage unruly drivers all in one great product.

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