Fuel Monitoring

We’ve an amazing solution for fuel monitoring and fleet management.

A highly accurate fuel level/consumption adapter, delivering a real time theft alert even when ignition is switched off (parking) and a very low deviation.

The eFuel solution incorporates:

  • Non-intrusive, quick and simple installation
  • Fuel level reading – similar to dashboard fuel gauge
  • Alert fuel theft at all times (!) including when the switch is turned off
  • Notification and details of refilling events

eFuel is specially designed to report and alert of fuel theft and refueling events using the vehicle’s original fuel sensor. eFuel converts the original float sensor data into clear, simple information and offers unique pull-up mechanisms designed to monitor changes during IGNITION On/Off (!).

The combination of fuel reading capabilities and alerts even when ignition is switched off, makes eFuel a perfect solution for fuel management and fuel theft alerting.

The solution enables you to Know Exactly;
1. How much Fuel is in your tank
2. If refueled, how much fuel was put in liters
3. Where it was fueled at
4. When, where and how much fuel has been stolen in liters.
5. How much fuel has been used for a particular trip.

This system will enable you to know where and when your lorry drivers steal your fuel and it will clearly indicate to you how much was put in the tank and how much it costs.

Your drivers can sometimes tell you to send them money for fuel. But do you know they usually don’t spend all the money they asked for to fuel the lorry? They’ll usually be left with half the money and still claim that they have fueled it.

Our new fleet management solution will help you with this so as to make sure the nobody is stealing from you!

Affordable Fuel Monitoring Solution

You can calculate fuel consumption for every trip at any period of time, even without additional costs for installation of physical fuel sensors.Fuel Configuration-Lions Auto

To do that, you simply need to specify a “Fuel consumption per 100 km (or miles)” parameter in the vehicle profile as indicated above.

After you specify this parameter, fuel consumption readings will be available in:

1. Trip report – in a column called “Fuel consumption by norm”, next to every trip and also in the summary over a period.

2. Fuel report – information about predicted and actual fuel expenditure is shown in the summary and may be compared.

3. Tracks history – in the track history details at the bottom of the screen.

Tracks History-Lions Auto

If interested, and you should really give it a try, then just let us know. The solution is best suited to those with PSV vehicles, construction machinery, heavy commercial vehicles, lorries, school/institution vehicles, etc.

Please note that this solution does not involve drilling of the fuel tanks, which means your fuel tanks are very safe!

Key Features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Full automatic calibration process
  • Input voltage levels: 0 – 30V
  • Low power consumption
  • Fuel theft alert – alerting when fuel is being stolen regardless of the state of the ignition, including when the vehicle is off
  • Refueling notification
  • Full over-the-air update and configuration

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