Mileage Readings


Odometer allows to control a vehicle’s mileage values in real-time. The mileage readings can be based on the data received from the tracking device installed.

Lions Auto-Mileage Reading

Odometer function is also a part of Maintenance tasks which allows you to schedule service works for a vehicle, whereupon the system sends you a reminder at the right time.

Odometer Activation

You can add up Odometer tool and set up its initial value by two ways:
-Adding up and configuring Odometer widget in the additional information panel.

 -Using the Odometer portlet in the devices application.

Activating Odometer-Lions Auto

After taking these simple steps the Odometer tool will be immediately turned on 

Setting Odometer Widget-Lions Auto

The users are allowed to set a correction factor to automatically adjust Odometer readings upward or downward.

It’s also possible to set a new odometer value any time you want. You can view the previous odometer values by clicking on the alerts tab or the ‘Recent Events’ on the ‘Information bar’

With our new Odometer tool you will be able to check the current mileage of your vehicles without leaving the office.

Uses of The Odometer Widget

  1. You can control and monitor each vehicle mileage with no need to rely on drivers’ commitment. Odometer readings are useful in various cases, e.g. auto sale, fleet maintenance, etc. Moreover, you can access Odometer readings 24/7 irrespective of the vehicle’s current location.
  2. Odometer is a constituent part of Maintenance application that is planned to be released very soon. The system will automatically remind you about the upcoming maintenance events and point to the most problematic equipment. We will highlight the new application more thoroughly in the upcoming articles.

 Mileage Inaccuracies

Realistically, the odometer widget is not a 100% accurate. However if you run into some inaccuracies you are able to configure an automatic values adjustment by setting up a correction percentage, usually 3%.

The mileage readings can be displayed in kilometers or miles depending on the default settings of your platform.