Advanced GPS Tracking Platform

Empower your Fleet with our secure and full-featured advanced GPS Vehicle monitoring platform

Lions Auto-Multi Browser Compatible

Admin Panel

Benefit from GPS tracking business with Lions Auto Admin panel that provides you with various tools for managing your tracking platform account. It features comprehensive service management and deep customization – all-in-one solution for the ultimate GPS tracking service. It’s intuitive and offers wide range of possibilities.

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Mobile Apps

It’s no secret that people tend to use their mobile devices rather then their PCs for almost every task today. We offer our vehicle tracking apps for all major mobile platforms. This way, our customers can control their assets from anywhere and locate other people with GPS in their smartphones or tablets. Your service is as mobile as it can be – for no extra charge. Learn more

Lions Auto

User Web Interface
Elegant and functional design is extremely important for your service to make a good impression. Our intuitive web-interface embeds the latest technologies, looks great on all devices and works really fast. Use attractive design to stand out and impress your clients. Learn more

Lions Auto-Web Portal

1000+ Devices Supported

A GPS tracking system must be compatible with a variety of different tracker models and provide fully automatic device activation in order to satisfy your client’s demands. Our tracking platform is built as multi-device running portal with seamless ability to integrate over a thousand different models from different  top level vehicle tracking devices manufacturers from around the globe.  To find out if your devices are supported, please contact us

Lions Auto-OBD Tracker

Business-Focused Applications

Lions Auto helps businesses and customers to manage fleets, increase mobile workforce productivity and improve goods dispatching – in multiple ways: comprehensive analytics, specific applications and integrations.

Business Focused Applications-Lions Auto



The overall analytics allows to focus on any aspect of mobile asset management. Reports with charts are provided in multiple formats, on request or by schedule. Background data pre-processing brings all the information fast and without affecting user productivity.

 Lions Auto-business-reports


For specific business purposes there are special applications like ‘Tasks’ and ‘Fleet’. They allow to plan routes, manage tasks, measure team productivity, monitor driving behavior, schedule vehicle maintenance, simplify costs accounting, and many more.

 Lions Auto-business


Developers can access all the data from third-party software with simple and powerful Lions Auto APIs, or by using direct ‘data forwarding’. For common use cases there is a set of ‘plugins’, that let you embed GPS tracking functionality right into web sites and social pages.

  Lions Auto-Service

Maps And GIS

Lions Auto is friendly to all sources of ‘Geo’ information and works perfectly with any kind of maps and in-house tile servers, over simple or secured SSL connection. Add several map layers, open-source or commercial, and combine them as you need.

 Lions Auto-Maps-GIS-Tools

 Why Lions Auto?

Built for professionals

Lions Auto GPS tracking system comprises a set of functions for professional use. Their role is to provide users with advanced vehicle tracking system with excellent fleet management features, supporting utilities, user accounts management, driver management fuel monitoring and so on. Our solution’s target market is in the following industries; heavy commercial transport, Logistics, Agriculture, Insurance, Banking (for tracking and security of asset financed vehicles), PSVs sector.

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Scale-able GPS Tracking System

Since the beginning of its development our GPS tracking system has been focused on scale-ability. Track and manage from 1 asset to 1,000,000 assets simultaneously and in real-time, with a guaranteed server up-time of 99.99%

Scalable GPS tracking system
Interface for GPS tracking

Attractive GPS Platform

There are numerous GPS tracking systems in the marketplace, but what makes Lions Auto to have a distinct advantage over the competition is better user interfaces, closer support of GPS trackers, industry specific applications and affordable pricing.
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Mobile Device Compatible

Lions Auto special mobile tracking applications work for most Android and iOS mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. The mobile interface is simple and user-friendly – your fleet manager  will love it.
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