Geo-Fences by Lions Auto

Lions Auto provides different ways of creating a Geo-Fence. They include:

Geo-Fence Types

Circle Geo-Fence

Circle Geo-Fence Is used when a region of interest is fairly circular, e.g around a building,homestead etc

Polygon Geo-Fence

Polygon Geo-Fence Used when the area to be Geo-Fenced is largely irregular, e.g a county or national boundary, city, town

Route Geo-Fence

Route Geo-Fence is used when you want to be notified if and when a driver deviates from a particular road (route)

Whenever a vehicle enters or leaves the Geo-fenced area, the following happens in our tracking portal; On-screen notification is displayed, A sound is activated (if allowed by your browser), An event is registered in the event list and an email is sent to the user (if its set up)

Geo-Fences helps the vehicle owner to know if or when his vehicle has reached or left a particular location for example a garage, office building, warehouse, or any other location. The feature also comes in handy especially if you require to know in the future, the time your driver or vehicle had arrived/left the Geo-Fenced area.