Mobile Apps

Mobile apps

Vehicle tracking is made even easier by mobile apps. The tracking apps specially designed to provide monitoring and fleet control while on the go.

The app is robust, detailed and provides the vehicle owners and the fleet managers with necessary tools that help to keep tabs with their vehicles. Download free mobile app for iOS and Android devices from both the Google Play and App store.


With our advanced mobile Apps customers will be able to check every detail of their statuses and access vehicle telemetry from real-time dashboards. View the whole day at a glance with the tracks history. Start your car remotely or block the engine in the event of theft.

Get instant notifications on alerts you defined, highlight them on the map and react accordingly. And access all the vital information you need instantly.

The tracking app also comes in handy in case you want to stay aware of what’s happening with your objects i.e. every detail of their real-time statuses, location and vehicle telemetry from your smartphones or tablets.

Basic features:

  • Location of the objects online
  • The track history for any period
  • Your own location relative to other objects
  • Notifications about your geo-events
  • Choosing your map: streets or satellite maps

Easy to Navigate

Our customers will find the app easy to use. With a tap of the finger, the app displays all the vehicles in your account showing extra real-time info such as speed, state and vehicle name. Here, you just tap the vehicle you want to track on the main screen.

Lions Auto Tracking App

Real-Time Location

After selecting a vehicle, the map will show you its location. You will see the core information at the top. Also you may find some more tools for detailed information there.

Lions Auto Tracking App

 View In Different Maps

Lions Auto offers over 8 premium maps for vehicle tracking with Mobile Apps Google, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, OpenStreetMap, WikiMapia, MapQuest, RuMap.


Tracker/Vehicle Details

The app also shows critical information about the tracker itself and the vehicle e.g its status, location, telemetry data, etc.

The detailing of information depends on the model of your tracker and the vehicle.

Lions Auto Tracking App

List of Events 

Shows you the list of all the events for chosen period. Click on the event and you will see its location on the map.

Lions Auto Tracking App

Tracks Playback

This contains all the tracks for chosen period. Click on the track to see the route previously taken by any of your vehicle on the onscreen map.

Lions Auto Tracking App

Web-interface for mobile devices

Along with desktop version there is light version of the Web-interface available, which can be accessed using mobile browsers of your phones and tablets.

Moblie Web Interface-Lions Auto