Browser Notifications

Our customers are used to getting different types of notifications including push-alerts, emails and SMS. Now browser notifications are also a way to receive most of them too.

Lions Auto makes these notifications absolutely interactive. A user gets a possibility to open event details by clicking on the notification.

You can receive push-notifications on the platform new events and new chat messages in your web-browser. These notifications show you the number of new alerts and its type, the number of new chat messages and text of the last one.

 Setting Notifications

How it works

After clicking on a displayed notification, the platform shows you the map with the place centralized on it. In case you get a notification about new messages – the chat will be opened. Even if the platform in your browser is closed, it will be opened automatically after clicking on the notification.

Display Notification.png

Such notifications are very helpful for you work on the web interface. You can be occupied by another business and stay aware of the events on the platform.

For example a manager can work with analytics in EPR-system and get notifications about work of his delivery staff, deviation of a driver from the route etc.

Notofications-Lions Auto.png

On The Tracking Platform

Notifications are switched on for all the vehicles by default if it is allowed in the browser settings. You may switch them off or activate them again in the alert settings.

To manage the notification status you should:

  1. Choose “Notifications”-bell image in the top right corner
  2. Click “Notifications” and then Show settings” – cogwheel icon;
  3. Drag the “Show browser notification” slider.
Lions Setting Notofication