Tracks PlayBack

Advanced Track Play-Back

Track playback is used to create a Geo-visual of a vehicle trip over a period of time.

Time machine

Lions Auto uses a special feature called the TimeMachine to achieve this function.

Lions Auto-TimeMachine Button

This tool allows you to visually playback the historic movement of your assets for any chosen date

Lions Auto-TimeMachine

Coloring  The Tracks

With our recently modified ‘Color mode’ tool for track drawing, you can easily distinguish your tracks in four different ways.

Lions Auto Colored Tracks

In our tracking portal, you just need to select a vehicle from the Object List. Then click on ‘Tracks’ button below the Object List and expand the Tracks panel on the right. After doing that customers can choose the desired color mode by pressing ‘Show tracks’ button, and thoroughly examine all the necessary tracks.

Available Color Modes

Color by tracks

In case your driver/vehicle makes several trips a day, it will be quite helpful to draw all tracks in different colors. This will enable you to easily distinguish one track from another and control working day of your drivers

Lions Auto-Color By Tracks

Color By Object Group

To make drivers assignments more convenient companies tend to divide all their vehicles in our tracking system into several groups (Sales Department, Delivery Department, etc.). Moreover, sometimes you need to evaluate tracks for one particular group. To achieve this, you can refer to ‘Color by object group’ mode. In this case, each object group will have a particular color for all of its tracks.

Lions Auto-Color By Object Group

Color By Status: Online/Offline

Basically, data can be displayed in real time only in case the tracking device has a strong and continuous GSM signal. If GSM signal gets lost (e.g. a vehicle passed through a tunnel or arrived into some remote village with no GSM signal) our advanced tracking device will log all the data in its memory and send it to our server when GSM signals get restored. In case you need to know when and where the GSM signals were lost, this color mode is the right tool to use. Hence, the part of a track with strong GSM signal (device is online) will be colored in green, the offline status (no GSM signal) will be colored in orange.

Lions Auto-Color By Status

Color By Speed

This color mode will show you when and where your driver exceeded speed limit, where he was driving with the permitted speed, and where he stuck in a traffic jam wasting fuel. Depending on a speed range you set, the color of your tracks will vary from blue to red.

Lions Auto-Color By Speed

Lions Auto-Color By Speed 2

You can easily switch between various color modes for the same track by simply clicking on the open tabs as shown below.

Lions Auto-Switching Color Modes

Lions Auto-Switching Color Modes 2

Printing Of Tracks

Lions Auto’s build in plugins allows a fleet manager to not just view the tracks on the screen but also print a vehicle/driver’s track on a hard copy.
Print Tracks-Lions AutoYou can choose an employee you need in the objects list and browse the trips history for any period of time. Previously, there was only one way to view the workers trip – see it on the screen of your PC or mobile device. Now, you can print the track on paper.
Generating Tracks-Lions Auto

A printout with a neat track may be a visual aid for a manger at the meeting or direct conversation with the employee. In addition to the route track, you can specify layers on the map, Geo-fences and places you’ve marked before. Events that occurred with the driver during the trip can be also mentioned in your copy.

Generating Tracks 2-Lions Auto