Eco-Driving Report


Lions Auto tracking platform has a creative and intelligent Eco Driving feature. This is an indispensable solution for fleet management and vehicles smart control in general.
Lions Auto Eco-driving
When tracking your vehicles, you can evaluate driver behavior in regards to different factors like speeding, harsh driving (harsh acceleration and harsh braking) and idling. Our web platform will make your business more productive and reduce the costs. Specifically, it allows you to reduce the costs for penalties, fuel, auto repairs and increase both driver and vehicle safety by reducing car accidents.

How It Works

Eco Driving has three main Modes: Speeding, Harsh driving and Idling. The platform obtains the data of a committed violation from our tracking system and makes it visual available for analysis. Each type of violation has its own set of penalty points which are taken into account by the system for its further rating compilation.

Lions Auto Eco-Driving Rating

Driving scores or driving accuracy rating will indicate how careful the driver was when driving a vehicle, just as shown above. The more scores a driver has  the more careful and responsible on the road he is.


In the tracking system, Violation Rigidity Settings Widget assists our customers to set up the necessary conditions for the violations calculation. See below

Lions Auto-Speeding Settings

Then, set the number of penalty points (how strict you want the violation would be) for speed limit overrun by 10-20 km/h, 20-30 km/h, 30-50 km/h or more than 50 km/h.

You can also specify the speed duration to know when the speeding begins.

Harsh Driving

Harsh driving monitoring feature is based on the hardware’s sensor, it is available only for latest devices that provide such a functionality. Most of our tracking units also allow to set up appropriate thresholds to determine what driving behavior is considered to be harsh.

Lions Auto-Harsh Driving Settings

Thus, In a nutshell our robust fleet management portal can monitor the harsh acceleration, braking, turn, acceleration in turn and braking in turn. It will then register the event, notify, or prepare it to appear in the respective reports.


Our advanced fleet management system is well able to register vehicles’ excessive idling. Choose the idling duration value as a starting point and specify how many penalty points you want to assign.

Lions Auto-Idling SettingsWe are currently working to add the ability of work and rest violations control as well as to control driving in rough conditions (e.g. at night).


After all the settings are set, users can generate a report of a driver or a group of vehicles to get detailed information. Graphics visually display the total penalty and mark the vehicles’ speeding, idling and harsh driving with differing colors.

Lions Auto Eco-Driving Report

A detailed information table goes right after the Total penalty graphic and the driving accuracy rating. Learn each violation (Speeding, Idling, Harsh driving) of a certain driver.

The “Summary” tab brings together information about all selected objects: total penalty, rating.

And Finally you can export the report in either PDF or in XLS format.

Lions Auto Eco-Driving Rating ReportLions Auto Eco-Driving Report 2