Fuel Report

Real-Time Fuel Report & Notifications

This rule is designed to help monitor fuel level in real time by receiving immediate notifications on any drastic fuel level changes: decrease (fuel theft)or increase (refueling). Notifications can be shown via web browser  notifications, Mobile App and/or via email.

Rule creation

 After creating the rule, you should define its settings.


Here, our customers can edit text messages, if needed, and specify types of notifications (push notifications, SMS, emails).

Fuel Alerts Notifications-Lions Auto


This section allows you to specify certain days and time you want the rule to be acted upon.

Fuel Alerts Schedule-Lions Auto


Here our tracking portal binds the rule to a particular Geo-fence. You just need to select a Geo-fence from the list and specify whether the rule should be active inside or outside. The system can also create a new Geo-fence and bind it to the rule without leaving this section.

 Fuel Alerts Geo-fence-Lions Auto

As soon as the fuel level in the tank drops sharply, our monitoring system will immediately send a notification to the manager’s smartphone, email or the web platform interface. A user will also see the exact place and time where the incident has occurred.

Fuel reports are also available in tracks and in trip reports