Geo-Fence Report

Geo-Fence entrance or exit

Geofence is a restricted area on a map. It is created to controll trackers inside and out of it.

On our platform geo-fences are used for setting a virtual perimeter. You will get notifications when your objects cross the borders. So, for example, if some building machinery leave the zone, chief will get email or SMS notification.

How to create a new rule

To add a new rule click “Alert Rules”( in the top right corner)→Add rule (in the top left corner).

 In the opened window you should enter the rule name, rule description, select tracker and event type “Geo-fence entrance or exit”.

Lions Geo-Fence Alert

Rule options

After adding a new rule you are to make some settings:

    1. Notifications

Here you should write text of the messages you want to get and choose notification type.

Geofence Msg-Lions Auto

    2. Schedule

In this block you are to set days and time when you want to control your objects.

Lions Auto

    3. Geo-fences

Choose a Geo-fence where you want to control your trackers. You can select it from the list and edit it or create a new one.

Lions Auto

 How to get the Geo-Fence Report

There are 2 ways of getting the list of events for one tracker or a group of objects.

  1. In the app”Monitoring”→ Events history.
  2. Using the generated Geo-Fence report.

GeoFence Report-Lions Auto