Over Speed Report

Speed Exceeding

Our vehicle tracking system allows you to control speed exceeding or over speeding. Here, a customer can set the desired speed limit  on his/her own.

Speed Limiting

You can create one or several rules to control speed of your drivers. When the system fix speed exceeding you will get SMS, App, email or web platform notification. This is done through creating an alert rule.

  In this field you should set up speed limit which shouldn’t be exceeded.

Over Speed Lions Auto



Here you should write text of the message you get in case of speed exceeding and choose notification type.

Over Speed Notification-Lions Auto


How to get the list of events

There are 2 ways of getting the list of events for one asset or a group of objects.

  1. In the app”Monitoring”→ Events history
  2. Using the generated reports “Speed violation”.

Over Speed Report-Lions Auto