Terms & Conditions

Please Note the following:

  • The tracker is equipped with a SIM card that must be supplied with airtime for it to send out the preset notifications.
  • Please only turn on only the most necessary features/function to save on airtime.
  • All function may be turned on during the times when you feel the vehicle is most vulnerable especially during the night or when the vehicle is in the hands of other people.
  • Please do confirm the command format before sending to the tracker.
  • Please memorize the 6 digits password that will be issued to you, or write it in a secret place. Without it, SMS commands sent to the tracker will not be acknowledged nor interpreted.
  • If you forget your password or in the event that it gets compromised, kindly contact Lions Auto customer care immediately so that you can be issued with a new password.
  • Every time you make calls for password change/reminder, Lions Auto will ask you the necessary questions to ascertain your identification.
  • Please make plans to subscribe to both data and sms bundles for your tracking units.
  • Lions Auto can always do that for you at a fee.