Vehicle Tracking

  Vehicle Tracking

Track every asset in real-time or use Time-Machine for tracks playback

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Intuitive Web-interface and mobile apps give you agility and insight on any device so that you can work and collaborate from anywhere.

Lions Auto web-desktop

 Mobile apps

Vehicle tracking is made even easier by mobile apps. The tracking apps specially designed to provide monitoring and fleet control while on the go. The app is robust, detailed and provides the vehicle owners and the fleet managers with necessary tools that help to keep tabs with their vehicles. Download free mobile app for iOS and Android devices from both the Google Play and App store.



Instantly locate assets

Lions Auto-Location

Users can get real-time location of all their assets using satellite (e.g. GPS and GLONASS) and similar (LBS, GSM, WiFi) technologies. Relevant data includes location accuracy, speed and direction, closest address, recent movements and other.


Learn what, where and when

Lions Auto

Understand and analyze how the assets moved using classic track history view tool or innovative TimeMachine feature. All the data can be accessed instantly – for any time range within past few years. Along with location data showed on the map you can view relevant information about trips length and duration, instant and average speed and triggered events.


Always Be in the know

Events-Lions Auto

Get instant notifications and alerts about important events in the way you require. There is a huge list of controlled events, based on devices sensors and server-side logic. The system will react on them in accordance to the rules you set, including time and Geo-fence restrictions. Users can be warned with Voice, Email, SMS and Push notifications.


Smart data

OBD-Lions Auto

Monitor all telemetry sensor readings (Requires Special OBD tracker )online and on the timeline, get MIL warnings and DTC error codes reports. Major sensor types, such as for fuel level, temperature, ignition or CAN-bus measurements are pre-configured and displayed without any additional configuration. For custom sensors there is a simple and smart wizard, which leads user through the setup process.


Keep connected

Output control Lions Auto

Wherever the vehicle is, you can remotely control its equipment with a click. Start your engine with the push of a button or block the engine for anti-theft protection. We offer intuitive widgets to operate AVL outputs for total vehicle control.

Feature of Our Tracking Devices

With our unique tracking units, our customers will get to experience cutting edge services.

  • Absolute street address via sms
  • GPS/GSM/GPRS/LBS Tracking capabilities
  • Remote engine cut off capabilities via sms
  • Track and locate all of your vehicles at once
  • Geo Fencing alerts
  • Movement alerts-Park your car and get notified when moved
  • Get over speed alerts
  • Auto track by time and distance intervals
  • Install on any vehicle, track on any phone
  • Arm/disarm your car by sms or by remote control
  • Track your car even without an internet connection

Would you recover your vehicle if it gets stolen today?

Lions Auto is dedicated to the security of your car and you stand a greater chance should the unfortunate happen

  • Internal Shock sensor alarm/alerts
  • Ignition detection alerts sent straight to your phone
  • Cut fuel/switch off your car engine remotely
  • External SOS button for sending out location address in times of danger
  • Battery power cut off alerts- get notified whenever the car battery is disconnected
  • Track your vehicle even when it crosses the border
  • 24Hr customer support line

Our tracking units are powerful yet very easy to use. You’ll be able to track, monitor and control the use and the movement of your vehicles with ease. This in return increases efficiency and leads to more improved customer service.

Tracks-Lions Auto

  • Prevent sideline businesses by cunning drivers
  • Get automatic time and distance based reporting
  • Prevent overtime/illegal use of the vehicle
  • Get history playback of the vehicle’s trajectory
  • Set vehicle speed limit and get notified of the same if and when reached

Lions Auto Vehicle Tracking can do more than just report your vehicles’ locations and how long your drivers spend at each job site. The systems can help promote safety and encourage drivers to engage in safe driving practices — giving fleet managers the ability to hold them accountable.

 The advanced GPS technology of today’s systems can determine how fast vehicles are moving and whether they are accelerating too quickly or braking too harshly. Some can even tell whether the driver’s seat belt is fastened. Taken together, the data can create patterns of behavior that fleet managers can use to coach, discipline and reward drivers.

What our Customers are Saying

“Since we started tracking our vehicles with Lions Auto, our vehicle monitoring has become easy and keeping in tabs with the whereabouts of all of our vehicles has become very easy.”

Advanced Monitoring Apps

Stay aware of what’s happening to your car wherever you go. Locate your assets in real-time and check tracks history on your Android or ioS mobile devices.

App-viewer Lions Auto

The world is becoming mobile driven. Wherever you go, be aware of what’s happening with our tracking app. It gives you a completely new level of awareness and convenience.

See where your vehicles are moving right now. Check every detail of their statuses and access vehicle telemetry from real-time dashboards. View the whole day at a glance with the tracks history. Start your car remotely or block the engine in the event of theft.

Get instant notifications on alerts you defined, highlight them on the map and react accordingly. And access all the vital information you need in seconds.

Wherever your users are, they get the agility and insight on any mobile device. Our free Vehicle Tracking apps for all major mobile platforms helps our customers to control their assets from anywhere and locate other people with GPS in their smartphones or tablets.

Drive fleet, align your drivers and keep tabs with all your current vehicles from anywhere.

As our client, we will give you dedicated and continuous after sales support. But don’t just take our word for it, call to give us an opportunity to work with you and you’ll get to experience our service excellence. You can also give us a call using the numbers below or write us an email and we will be excited to assist you.

Innovative all-in-one GPS tracking platform

Concept Visibility-Lions Auto

Superior visibility

Real-time GPS and LBS survey, events control with instant notifications and deep history insight with incredible TimeMachine feature

Concept Analytics-Lions Auto

Powerful analytics

All-round and comprehensive reports to achieve operational excellence and cost-effectiveness in asset-intensive industries

Sophisticated applications

Leverage robust vehicle tracking apps, “Tasks” and “Fleet” to give users access to the best practices and exact functionality they need

Concept-Business-Lions Auto

Advanced connectivity

Upgrade devices to plug-and-play and reduce maintenance costs thanks to automatic configuration routines and sustainable device connectivity