Driver Identification

Driver iButton-Lions Auto

Driver Identification will be extremely useful for companies and enterprises where several drivers share the same vehicle. This function will make you aware of who is driving which vehicle at any given moment.

To start using this functionality, first of all you have to create a driver profile Please refer to your manual

Ways of Identification

  • Automatic Identification

Lions Auto uses advanced methods to help companies to automatically identify and assign their drivers to company vehicles. Electronic keys such as i-Button or RFID will help you to assign drivers to vehicles automatically. This functionality is supported only by our special  devices which have the ability to connect an electronic key via the 1-Wire interface.

After the electronic key is attached to the I-Button reader, the driver will be automatically identified by the system and assigned to the appropriate vehicle. However, if the driver is not identified, the car won’t start. This ensures that vehicles are driven by designated drivers and during the allowed operating times.

  • Manual identification

If the GPS device does not support driver ID feature, you can assign driver manually via Web interface.

Driver Id-Lions Auto

In our Monitoring platform customers can choose any vehicle on the left and assign a driver to it in the widget bar below the screen as it is shown in the screenshot below. The customer will be able to see the vehicles that the drivers were driving  in the system’s reports.

Assign Drivers- Lions Auto

Reports on Drivers

In many companies several drivers work on the same vehicle. In order to make it easier to view the information about the trips and working hours of each of these employees, our tracking platform has the ability to generate travel reports grouped by driver, as well as driver shift change reports.

Driver Shift Change Report

Summing Up

  • The driver report is a useful feature that will allow companies know;
  • Which driver was driving a particular vehicle
  • How long the driver was driving
  • Start and stop destination of trip by drivers
  • Amount of fuel used
  • How much time each driver spent in driving the vehicle.
  • What time the vehicle was being driven
  • The time another driver took over the vehicle, e.g to change shift

Our advanced tracking platform is a great solution to hold drivers accountable as well as minimize unnecessary trips and unauthorized use of company vehicles.

The service is customizable according to our customers needs.

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